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Visuals Internship



Science Magazine - AAAS

One of my primary responsibilities as a Visuals Intern was to assist in photo research and editing. This involved searching for captivating and relevant images to complement articles and features. I learned to curate a visual narrative that not only enhanced the reader's understanding but also engaged their curiosity. I worked on researching and choosing the August "GRASS" special issue cover.

Science Magazine's visual identity is crucial to its brand. During my internship, I had the chance to contribute to this identity by working on graphic design projects. This included creating infographics, designing layouts for print and digital publications, and developing visuals for social media. Through these experiences, I honed my design skills and gained an appreciation for the power of graphics in science communication.

Roles & Accomplishments

My time as a Visual Intern at Science Magazine was a transformative experience that allowed me to dive headfirst into the world of science communication and visual storytelling. Throughout my internship, I had the privilege of contributing to various facets of the publication, from photo research and editing to graphic design, multimedia production, and even podcast hosting.

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