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Probing_beyond_our_Solar_System,_sea_pollinators,_and_a_book_on_the_future_of_nuScience Magazine
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Probing Beyond Our Solar System: Science Podcast



Science Magazine - AAAS

I researched, wrote, interviewed and edited a podcast segment about the magazine’s feature article for the month.

Roles & Responsibilities

After visiting the outer planets in the 1980s, the twin Voyager spacecraft have sent back tantalizing clues about the edge of our Solar System and what lies beyond. Though they may have reached the edge of the Solar System or even passed it, the craft lack the instruments to tell us much about the interstellar medium—the space between the stars. Intern Khafia Choudary talks with Contributing Correspondent Richard Stone about plans to send a modern space probe outside the Solar System and what could be learned from such a mission.

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