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Celebrating Pioneers, A story of dedication and sacrifice of Lajna Ima’illah USA - Centenary Documentary



Women’s Auxiliary of Ahmadiyya Community USA/ MTA International: USA Studios

I directed this production. For much of it, I was the sole camera person. I led a team of editors to rough edit and execute final post-production, motion graphics and video editing. This was a two-year-long project that culminated in a full-length documentary, showcasing more than 15 pioneers.

Roles & Responsibilities

is a documentary highlighting Lajna Immaillah USA, a Muslim women's group within Ahmadiyyat, formed during the Civil Rights Movement. Led by African American sisters, the film illustrates how women of all backgrounds came together in solidarity to break down racial barriers and foster community strength. The documentary also underscores the role of Islam and mosques in promoting racial integration during a time of segregation. It celebrates the resilience and unity of these women, leaving a lasting legacy of faith, strength, and unity.

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