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100 Years of Lajna Imaillah


I collaborated with researchers to understand the exhibition's theme, message, and historical context. Developed a visual concept that aligned with the exhibition's narrative, selecting a color palette, typography, and design elements. Oversaw the creation of graphic materials such as banners, signage, and promotional materials, maintaining consistency in design. Managed budget and resources allocated for design materials, printing, and production.


I led the spatial design process, creating a layout that guided visitors through the historical narrative in a logical and engaging manner. Designed exhibit spaces that considered factors like lighting, accessibility, flow, and interactivity to maximize visitor engagement. Integrated multimedia elements such as audiovisual displays, interactive screens, and virtual reality experiences to enhance storytelling.


I also supervised the construction and installation of exhibit elements, working with technicians, and the set-up team. Ensured that the exhibition space met safety regulations and accessibility standards without compromising the design vision. Conducted walkthroughs and tests to address any design or technical issues before the exhibition opened to the public.

We were given a budget of $6,000 to cover everything other than the venue, curtains, and carpet. WE managed to stay within the budget and maintain the quality of the exhibition. It was so well received by our audience that it was requested to become a traveling exhibit, and has now also been displayed in Maryland and California.

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